quarta-feira, 17 de novembro de 2010

"Free Your Mind. Do Whatever You Want"

Last Sunday I went all the way from Lisbon to Viseu to take part of a 80km's MBT Marathon with a friend. With almost no training for a week due to Navy duty on the sea(only 3 days of static bike on the boat), i thought i was going to suffer a bit on the field. But i was feeling great, maybe the bike mileage this year, the uphills and downhills during 3 months in the Açores islands finally gave me some strenghts. I was like flying while i was climbing the hills and in a good position. But the dessert ended when i broke my chain. Another bad luck in a competition. With no tools, i had to wait for my friend to catch me so i could fix it and be able continue till the finish line. The bad luck didn't stop there and it broke once more. Yeah, i know! Too much power on my legs, ahah! Finished anyway. Next Sunday i'm going to give it one more try in another 80km's marathon, this time in Algarve, hoping nothing breaks!

Already finished reading "Born to Run", and today i woke up with a desire for a trail run, my very first one since i started to run. Not only did a run of  2hours, as did my longest run ever! I was feeling so great in the mountain that i suddently found myself thinking that if i could, i would be running in there forever. It was so cool, that i came to a conclusion: if i was able to free my mind like i was doing, i could do whatever i want, effortlessly. Finally i have found a reason to run, not by obligation, but by the pleasure i can take out of the run, and all thanks to that book. Thanks Christopher McDoughall(the book author) for the amazing adventure.

quarta-feira, 3 de novembro de 2010

The Super Athletes of the Sierra Madre

No. I'm not living in Sierra Madre and I'm not the Superman!

I'm still with the last XTERRA World Championships (1.5k - 31k - 11k) on my mind.
Broke my drop-out during mountain bike course, at k19, and had to walk all the way to the TA in order to finish the race. In the end I was glad i've made it through the finish line, but at the same time disappointed cause i was feeling great and in 5th place(20/24). Even with my 4months lack of swimming training (only swam in Makena the week before the race), i was able to get out of the water on a surprising 4th place in my age group.
This race gave me lots to think about, mainly the result i could have done and the great things that could had come with it. I'm not giving up and always try to improve my performance race after race, taking advantage of race and training experience, cause there's allways something to learn, even when you think you know it all.

Yesterday i bought a book: "Nascidos para correr", wich in english i suppose it's called "Born to run". I'm always looking to know new things related to sport, mainly the run, cause it's the most difficult to me. Five years ago i wasn't able to run 3min, and now i've completed 3 Half distance Ironman. I was looking forward to find something about the book on the Internet, when i found an interesting video about some Uknown Super Athletes, the Tarahumara.

I hope you enjoy it like i did.